Culture in Child Protection Special Interest Group LaunchAoCPP On Demand, , , aocpp-on-demandculture ethnicity race religionculture-in-child-protection-sig
Towards a Cultural Shift in Sports Coaching: The case study of child-first coaching in a South-East England football club AoCPP On Demandaocpp-on-demandsportsafeguarding-in-sport-sig
SP-ARK Suicide Prevention – Awareness, Resource, Knowledge. An introduction to PAPYRUS and Suicide PreventionAoCPP On Demand, , aocpp-on-demandeducation social-work suicide-preventionlunch-and-learn
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Safeguarding for Reproductive Coercion and Abuse: Lessons from a UK study of policy and practiceAoCPP On Demand, , , aocpp-on-demandcoercive-control health pregnancy social-worklunch-and-learn
Bridging gaps: tackling information recording, retrieving, and sharing challenges in Leeds and NewhamAoCPP On Demand, , aocpp-on-demandinformation-sharing social-work technologydigital-safeguarding-sig
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Responding to adverse childhood experiences – An evidence reviewReport2019reportgeneralpublic-health-wales
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Statistics on female genital mutilation (FGM) for January-March 2019.Report01/05/2019reportgeneralnhs-digital
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Relationships, sex and health education: guides for schoolsGuidance01/06/2019guidanceeducationdepartment-for-education