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21st November – Lunch and Learn

“Safeguarding Young People: Risk, Rights, Resilience and Relationships”

Led by Dez Holmes

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7th November – Child Sexual Abuse SIG

“Autism Spectrum Disorder: Sexual Offending and Terroristic Behaviours”

Led by Clare Allely

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11th October – Gender Dysphoria SIG

“Building Effective Transgender Policy and Procedures”

Led by Dr Clare Ives

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10th October – Digital Safeguarding SIG

Led by Sarah Carlick

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5th October – Domestic Violence SIG

“Domestic Violence SIG Launch”

Led by Dr Michaela Rogers

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3rd October – Lunch and Learn

“FGM – Guidance for Practitioners”

Led by Dr Laura Jones

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27th September – Gypsy Roma Traveller SIG

“A Romale, A Chavale”

Led by Dr Dan Allen and Juice Vamosi

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July 13th – Lunch and Learn

“Evaluation of the Multi-Agency Child Safeguarding Reforms (MACS Evalution)”

Led by Dr Jenny Driscoll and Dr Ann Lorek.

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June 1st – Child Protection in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communitites SIG Launch

Led by SIG Chair Dr Dan Allen.

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June 8th – Practice Learning Reviews Special Interest Group Meeting

“Supervision: A neccesity for modern practice in evolving systems and with complex practice issues’

Led by Adrian Spanswick (SIG Chair) Rebecca Sage, Wendy Thorogood and Judy Mace.

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June 15th – Lunch and Learn

“Multi-agency responsibility in reporting and investigating safeguarding complaints”

Led by Wendy Thorogood.

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June 27th – Safeguarding in Sport Special Interest Group Meeting

“Principles of Participation: Including child athletes in decision making in sport”

Led by Dr Melanie Lang.

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May 11th – Child Sexual Abuse Special Interest Group

“The Impact of Pornography on the Sexual Behaviour of Children and Young People”

Led by Dr Lizzie Jones and Louise Barraclough.

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May 4th – Lunch and Learn

“Introduction to Missing Persons Information Hub (MPIH)”

Led by Charlie Hedges.

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April 25th – Lunch and Learn

“The Complexities of Identifying and Responding to Fabricated Induced Illness in a Multi-Agency Context”

Led by Wendy Thorogood and invited speakers.

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April 20th – Lunch and Learn

“Working Together to Safeguard Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Families”

Led by Dr Dan Allen.

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March 13th – Practice Learning Reviews Special Interest Group Meeting

“Learning from Safeguarding Practice Reviews: An update from the National Panel”

Led by Peter Sidebotham.

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March 7th – Children and Young People in Care and Care Experienced Special Interest Group Meeting

“Transitional Safeguarding: Bridging the gap for care experienced young people”

Led by Rebecca Cooke and Claire Foster.

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March 1st – Child Sexual Abuse Special Interest Group Meeting

“Working With Adults Who May Sexually Offend: A Preventative Approach”